38-06-15 Sixth Anniversary Show

Very little information about this show except the date seems to be correct.  The title is probably correct.

It indeed was the sixth anniversary of the show.  Little else is known about the show except that writer Paul Rhymer played a trick on the listening audience -- maybe even a trick on the cast -- by having an actor come in at the very end of the program to play Mr. Gumpox on the air.  Gumpox' only words were, "Hello folks."
Imagine having been a fan of the show for five years and all of the sudden, you hear the voice of someone else instead of the Gooks.   I remember how unsettling Dottie Brainfeeble was to my listening pleasure.  The fans in 1938 may have also thought their listening pleasure was about to take a turn for the worse after hearing Gumpox at the end of this broadcast.

(We now know that in episode 33-06-14 Rush Gets Kissed by Mis' Wilcox, that Mis' Wilcox had several lines - long5 years before Mr. Gumpox.)

This was just a gag by Rhymer, certainly to celebrate the 6th anniversary of the show.

Cliff Soubier played the voice of Mr. Gumpox.

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