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Nicknames for Russell (UNDER CONSTRUCTION!)

Some of these notes were probably taken and earlier distributed by Richard E. Hunton.

6/3/1943 Russell's First Appearance
Rusty - Old Snort

11/24/1943 Vic Brings Home a High-Crown Cowboy Hat

11/25/1943 Uncle Fletcher's All-Dressed Up
Helen, Margaret, Walter, Sam, Jeanette, Mr. Whoolsh, Doctor

12/1/1943 B.B. Baugh and the Ten Cent Store Weigh Machine

12/3/1943 One Soggy Garbage Wagon Pass
Whitehouse, honey

12/8/1943 Mr. Ruebush's Christmas Foot-Stool
Pete, Old Sport

12/21/1943 Uncle Fletcher asks for lodging for himself and Roy Dejectedly
Doctor Sleetch, Adams

12/30/1943 Roy Dejectedly's Trial Visit
Sam, Skiddoo, Margaret

12/31/1943 Geography Quiz / The Circular Orange
Mister Whoolsh, Whitehouse

1/4/1944 Vic's Bottom Dresser Drawer has been Violated
Margaret, Dorothy, Nose-Glasses

1/6/1944 Letter To Walter (another version)
Dorothy, Doctor Sleetch, Margaret

1/10/1944 Hank To Be Drummed Out Of The Lodge
Margaret, Doctor Sleetch

1/11/1944 Who Spotted The First Robin of the Season?
Doctor Sleetch

1/27/1944 Ruthie's Feet Are Growing
Margaret, Foot-Pedal

2/10/1944 Mr. Donohue's Grudge Against Mr. Gumpox

2/23/1944 Uncle Fletcher Presents More Old News From Belvidere

3/13/1944 Letter From Stella Klank
Helen, Margaret

3/22/1944 Grand Re-Opening of Tea Shoppe

3/27/1944 Uncle Fletcher To Pedal Hyena Grease?

3/29/1944 Letter from Bess - Wants Sade to Visit
Roscoe, Mr. Whoolsh

4/12/1944 Russell - The Reluctant Knight
George, Doctor Sleetch, Sam, Mr. Whoolsh

4/20/1944 Letter From Bess Delays Card Game

4/28/1944 Grown Men Trading Names!
Dimwit Chimpanzee, Doctor Whoolsh, George

5/3/1944 Russell Has Three Bosses

5/31/1944 The Fascinating Allen McClutch

6/20/1944 No More Pretty Boy
Cow-Pasture; Old Friend, Charlie

6/26/44 Thimble Club Bazaar
Helen, Vinegar-Spigot, Samuel, old Sock

7/20/1944 Uncle Fletcher's Come-Visit-Me
Charlie, Door-Knob

7/21/1944 Sade and The Revolver

8/9/1944Mr. Gumpox Has Lost His Dentures

9/19/1944 Vic Is To Be Best Man

9/20/1944 Reverend V. Cook's Letter
Thumb-clamp, old pal; Sleeve-holder, Old Watermelon-Rind,
My Darling Little Son, Russell; Pete

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