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xx-xx-xx Local Woman Eats Nine Bowls of Cole Slaw

In episode 41-06-04 Grand Old Lodge Lady, Sade talks about the time she was written up in the newspaper for eating nine bowls of cole slaw at the Lazy Hours Pool Hall (aka Parlor).  Sade is angry about the memory and infers that she did no such thing.

From time to time, Sade gets a coupon and a postal card in the mail from the Lazy Hours Pool Hall.

One suspects that Hank Gutstop might have been behind this, be it accidental or not. There was a time that Hank hung out around the pool hall as he answered the telephone there (perhaps as a job).  

We know this had to have happened before June 4, 1941.

[The title is one I have chosen for identification purposes only.]  

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