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41-06-04 Grand Old Lodge Lady


Vic never answered a lodge letter - which results in Sade being listed in the newspaper as the "Grand Old Lady of the Drowsy Venus Chapter" of Vic's lodge.

Despite Vic's attempts at hiding this fact, he can't hide it from Sade.
A funny episode. All the lodge episodes are funny as something is always bound to happen.


+ Vic mounts suspicion on himself when he suggests the whole family go to the Bijou, something he rarely does.

+ Rush said that Vic made "about 40 mistakes" in their card game.

+ After Sade gets suspicious about her name possibly being in the paper, she asks: "Did the Lazy Hours Pool Parlor write another piece about me?" Later she asks if they wrote another piece about her eating nine saucers of cole slaw.

Interesting; can we assume one of the missing episodes includes an episode where Sade is written about, possibly in a Lazy Hours Pool Hall advertisement?

+ Rush and Smelly Clark make a date to go down to the YMCA to watch the fat men play handball.

+ The article in the paper:
The headquarters of the National Brotherhood of the Sacred Stars of the Milky Way, have named Mrs. V.R. Gook of Virginia Avenue as their Grand Old Lady of their local uniter, the Drowsy Venus Chapter.

Ceremonies will be held in the near future, during which tribute will he paid to Mrs. Gook's snow white hair and sweet wrinkled face. [Unitelligible] wisdom of old age will be glorified and Mrs. Gook's feeble, tottered footsteps...
🎙 Hear the Vic and Sadecast 079 – Grand Old Lodge Lady (11/18/17)

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