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41-06-03 Hammock


Sade: Our family's always been unlucky with hammocks.

Rush ponders if he should try once again to become friends with rival Nicer Scott so that he may enjoy the luxury of two trees that are in his backyard; Uncle Fletcher has loaned Rush the use of a hammock and the only convenient place to hang it is the Scott's backyard.

Rush talks through a moral dilemma.

A classic Rush vs. Nicer episode, and what feels like a classic sitcom conflict. Is it okay to pretend to be friends with someone you can’t stand because you want to come over and use their cool stuff? Rush tries hard to rationalize the scheme to Sade, and Vic attempts to put his business acumen to use and come up with an equitable division, but ultimately the family decides against it. Vic and Sade have fun imagining the chaos of a hammock shared between two households.

One thing that stands out to me particularly about this episode is the list of Nicer Scott’s friends, which reads like a mirror universe version of Rush’s group of buddies. Scissorneck Edwards, Ed Hoggle, Wilburt Stang, Fat Morris. We don’t know anything about them besides their names, but they sound like a rough bunch of fellas to me.  

SEE THE SCRIPT (transcription by Lydia Crowe)
The entire episode revolves around comfortable swinging furniture as Sade is hoping to get Vic to fix the porch swing as well.


+ Holder Brothers (a hardware store) was mentioned for the first time.

+ It was revealed in this episode that Uncle Fletcher likes to ride around on Mr. Gumpox's garbage wagon with him.

+ Though relations between the two have never been fantastic, we learn now that Mis' Scott is "chilly" to Sade.

+ Vernon Peggles' Aunt May lives on Morris Avenue. It's the first time Aunt May or Morris Avenue have been mentioned.

+ Mis' Healy was mentioned for the first time.

+ We learn the names of five of Nicer Scott's friends, whose names had never been mentioned before in a surviving episode:
  • Ed Hoggle 
  • Scissorneck Edwards 
  • Bill Veeply 
  • Fat Morris 
  • Wilbert Strang
+ Sade states that her family has always been unlucky with hammocks:
  • Her father fell out of a hammock in Stanwood, Iowa and broke his collarbone.
  • Sade's Cousin Robert fell out of a hammock in St. Paul, Minnesota and smashed his thumb so badly, he had to give up playing the violin.
  • Uncle Fletcher, too, fell out of a hammock; got a goose egg on his head as "Big as my shoe." according to Sade.
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