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41-05-xx Rush, Bulletin Board Monitor

Vic comes home from work early in order to do a little work on the lawnmower and presumably, he or Rush would mow the lawn soon after it was fixed.

However, Vic instead lounges around talking over the bulletin board material Rush has brought home to sort out.
Not a memorable episode but an informative one in which we get to hear some of the unheard characters say things about themselves, via the bulletin board material.


+ Sade mentions she could hear the courthouse clock when it struck 4:30. The courthouse building is on Virginia Avenue, roughly 2 blocks from the Gook home.

+ Rush is the Bulletin Board Monitor at school.

+ Vernon Peggles' bulletin board material included these facts: He plans on moving to Alaska after he gets married; his Uncle and Aunt (James and Bertha Wyatt) live at 226 N. Mason Street and recently cooked dinner for them. His favorite foods are grapes, butter, ketchup and celery.

+ LeRoy Snow's "facts" include bragging that he is getting smarter, isn't afraid of snakes or poisonous insects and has 3 uncles that are barbers.

+ Charlie Razorscum can be seen painting his window screens.

+ Rush reads a notice from the school that states, "Several Freshman girls have developed the habit of monopolising the second floor drinking fountain at the west end of the building. They crowd around and keep thirsty students from getting water."

+ Mr. Chinbunny stated that there would be severe penalties for students who are caught tampering with the delicate instruments in the physics lab.

+ Mis' Engle was mentioned for the first time. She is the school librarian.

+ Rush has a pair of ice skates for sale.

+ It seems perhaps Nicer Scott (recall, he claims to be acquainted with more than 2 billion individuals) may be a bit of a narcissist: {{{HEAR}}}

🎙 Hear the Vic and Sadecast 076 – Bulletin Board Monitor (11/15/17)

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