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41-06-09 Letter-writing Plot

Vic: Linked together by a chain of loathsome correspondence...

Neither Rush or his cousin Euncie Helfer seem to enjoy being forced to write letters to each other. Euncie, either sensing this or prodded by Rush - seems to have devised a plot that will not only benefit herself but Rush also. She has written four rather mundane letters to Sade, including one via Special Delivery. In the meantime, Rush prods Sade along to answer the letters, much in the way she had prodded him along in the past to do the same.

Sade finally gives up and tells Rush she doesn't care any longer if he answers letters from Euncie or not.
I'm thinking that it was Rush who provided the letter "bombardment" idea to Euncie. Since all the letters were virtually the same, it does indeed seem like a plot.

Rush reveals to Vic that it's Euncie's idea but I truly wonder...


+ Euncie refers to Vic as "Uncle Victor".

+ Mis' Hettles had been over at the Gook house earlier in the day.

+ Sade refers to Blue Tooth Johnson as, "That Blue Tooth Johnson kid."

+ The Scrawler family has moved in the 700 block of Monroe Street, near Mr. and Mis' Hettles. Mr. Scrawler works in the C and A Shop. You may recall that's the place where Uncle Fletcher was to have the doorstops cut into 400 pound pieces.

+ In none of the letters from Euncie did she mention her father's kneecap twinges.

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