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41-06-30 Vic Writes Biography


Vic finds out he will be included in the book, Who's Who in Kitchenware and is having trouble coming up with a catchy biography about himself.
Vic comes up with a very odd bio for himself and I dare say, Rush's contribution may be even more odd.


+ Y.I.I.Y. Skeeber was mentioned for the first time.

+ Stacey Yopp was mentioned for the first time. He's a barber at the Butler House Hotel. He went on a six week fishing trip to Crowler, Michigan. His cousin is Alfred Juggler of New Auburn, Wisconsin and has an Uncle Harry Soon who lives in West Phatt, Kentucky.

+ Vic was over in Charlie Razorscum's backyard, discussing things.

+ In the front of every Third Lieutenant Stanley book, it says: "Third Lieutenant Stanley is a shining example for every American boy to follow."

+ Neither Ike Kneesuffer or Steve Chestbutter is to have their bio included in the Who's Who in Kitchenware book.

+ F. Dodson Gitch was the first Superintendent of Schools the town ever had. William W. Gullbizer was the first mayor. Gullbizer was born in West Yakbone, Missouri. Hunting and fishing were his early enthusiams as well as the study of American History, arithmetic and grammar. He loved all outdoor sports.

+ Vic weighs 165 pounds and stands 5 foot 9 and 3/4ths inches.

Rush comes up with a possible entry for Vic's bio: {{{HEAR}}}

As does Vic: {{{HEAR}}}

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