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41-07-01 Easy Chair


Uncle Fletcher has 2 easy chairs. He decides to take one of them over to his niece Sade's house so he can sit in it when he comes over, so as to not wear out their furniture.

There are a couple of problems with this: firstly, he didn't ask if he could do it. Sade immediately notices there's really not enough room for the chair and that it doesn't match the furniture. We also suspect the chair is trashy (it's at least 20 years old) and worn.

Add to those things the fact that no matter what Sade says about why the chair can't stay, Uncle Fletcher won't let her talk or get her point across, thinking she is just being grateful for the chair.
This is typical Uncle Fletcher. He's actually trying to do a good thing but it really winds up being a bad thing.

There's really only one good Uncle Fletcher story in this one.  His stories are so amazing though, you sometimes only need one to keep you going.


+ The chair was hauled over on Mr. Gumpox's garbage wagon, again giving us a clue as to what kind of condition the furniture is in (so far, everything Uncle Fletcher has brought to the Gooks that had to be loaded on Gumpox's garbage wagon has been useless junk.)

+ People that Uncle Fletcher named off that had sat in the chair are far too numerous and many are too hard to understand to name them all here.

+ Eugene Parklow ran for Coroner and got beat. He ran for Alderman and got beat. He ran for County Clerk and got beat. He ran for Deputy Sheriff and got beat. His biggest ambition was to run for Mayor (1896) and get beat and he realized that ambition.

Parklow died in a peculiar way: he was hot, so he drank a tin of cold water. He drank some hot water because the cold water made him cold. The hot water made him hot again so he drank some more cold. This happened 36 times. He died: (edited): {{{HEAR}}}

+ In a previous episode, there was a Eugene Partlow.

+ When Sade comes home, Rush and Uncle Fletcher hear her, yet Uncle Fletcher calls her "Vic."

+ Reverend G. Alder was a preacher in Belvidere for years. He died.

+ Uncle Fletcher has some doilies with sayings sewn on them:
  • Please Be Seated
  • Hello There, George! 
  • Rain or Shine, You'll Always Be Mine
  • By They River Gently Flowing, Illinois, Illinois, Illinois, Illinois
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