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41-07-xx Fred's Concrete Partition


Fred Stembottom calls Sade and the couples make a date to play "500." Fred invites Rush to come along as well. Vic suddenly smells a rat when Sade says Fred was laughing the whole time on the phone and tells Sade to have Vic bring his overalls.

Come to find out, Fred, who had one time invited Vic over to play "500" and tricked him into helping change four flat tires, needs a concrete partition removed in the cellar and wants Vic to help him do the job.
From everything we have gathered so far on the show, Fred is not really liked that much by Vic to begin with. As a matter of fact, Fred may be the person Vic cares about the least on the program, along with his brother-in-law, Walter Helfer.

The fact that Fred pulled a similar stunt before had Vic on his guard.

This is one of those inconsequential episodes; there's really not much going on. We do get more insight into Fred's psyche I think but there's little else.


+ Toward the end of the episode, Uncle Fletcher calls and asks before he comes over. This is odd because he's never called before about coming over, he simply shows up (sometimes with guests.)

Uncle Fletcher's phone call ends up being the excuse Vic gives Fred over the telephone for the Gooks not coming over. However, we can assume the telephone call is actually a tiny MacGuffin as Fletcher has always come over at will without ever calling.

Recall that writer Paul Rhymer used another MacGuffin in a previous episode, 41-01-24 Mr. Ruebush Has to Wait.

+ When Vic and Sade are seeking an excuse to beg off of going over to Fred and Ruthie's house, Rush chimes in with an idea (edited): {{{HEAR}}}

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