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41-08-26 Uncle Fletcher the Protector


Uncle Fletcher: And still another brother... and still another brother Sadie, that didn't get drowned at all!

Vic is away, so Uncle Fletcher decides to come over and spend the night when he reads in the paper that this night might contain "sharp thunderstorms." His philosphy is that women and children are timid about thunderstorms.
I'm not sure what help Uncle Fletcher would be, even if Sade and Rush were afraid of thunderstorms. But he "reassures" them as he says, "[If there] comes up a heavy rain later on with lightning and wind, I'll be in the next bedroom, going back to sleep." He also says the same thing about burglars: "If you see any burglars, just remember I'm in the next bedroom, going back to sleep."


+ Sade tells Rush they can do the dishes later. This is typically a no-no for Sade.

+ Uncle Fletcher confuses Willis Rohrback in the street with Blue Tooth Johnson, twice.

+ Sade made mention that Vic has been gone a month and is expected back in a few days. This was probably just a vacation for Art Van Harvey but I'd be curious to know how the show explained away Vic's absence for a whole month? It seems the only viable excuse would be for work or lodge business. There's no way Sade would let him be gone away a month for lodge business for we can assume that the absence was explained away by Vic being on a business trip.

+ Uncle Fletcher sounds "different" in this episode. Maybe Clarence Hartzell had a cold or something.

+ Uncle Fletcher refers to Fred Stembottom as "Ted."  This is the first time this happens in the surviving audio.  He would later go on to influence everyone to call him that.

+ Uncle Fletcher tells the story of Ernie Feemer. Ernie wasn't afraid of anything - except thunderstorms. Even at age 46 he'd hide under his bed when a thunderstorm was happening.

Perhaps the oddest thing about Ernie was that he married a girl whose last name was, "Veefy." And Walter M. Veefy (perhaps the brother-in-law of Ernie Feemer) drowned in the Missouri River. He had a brother drowned in the Ohio River and yet another brother who drowned in the Mississippi River. And another brother who didn't drown in any river at all. {{{HEAR}}}

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