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Sad news


Hiya friends of Vic and Sade - "Mis' Crowe" here.

A few years ago, Jimbo, the owner of this website, wrote to me to let me know that he had a heart condition, and was worried that no one would be around to take care of his websites after he was gone. We had been in communication over e-mail and blogs because of my project of transcribing every Vic and Sade episode. He asked me if he could send me his website information in the event of his passing. I said sure, thinking it would be many years before such a thing came to pass.

I'm saddened to tell fans of Jimbo's research work that he passed away on Friday, December 1. I am told it was peaceful.

I won't be able to fill Jimbo's shoes -- no one could. He seemed to have an inexhaustible energy when it came to Vic and Sade research! But I am here to "keep the lights on" and make sure all of his work won't be abandoned. Please drop me a message here if you have any suggestions, any interesting Vic and Sade finds, or anything at all. I know Jimbo's frequent updates and Vic and Sadecasts will be missed, but what a wonderful treasure trove of work he left behind!

Your friend from the small house halfway up in the next block,
Mis' Crowe

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