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Raymond Belcher Beirman aka Raymond Beirman

1. Raymond Belcher Beirman is the name of the milk wagon driver that delivers the bad news about the demise of Bernice to Mr. Gumpox.

2. "raymond beirman" shows up as part of the Latin in the Homer U. McDancey book, "A Manual For Wives of the Sacred Stars of the Milky Way."

3. Raymond Belcher Beirman's name is in a letter from Consolidated Kitchenware Plant Number 14, which lists the order in which employees will appear on the Kitchenware Quarterly cover. Belcher is number 13 on the list.

4. Vic sees Rush coming up to the porch and calls him, "Raymond Belcher Beirman."

5. Was stated he lives at the Bright Kentucky Hotel and was a part of the original revel party headed to the Gook house.

6. One of the washrags in Mis' Keller's washrag collection has writing on it that says, "Knitted to the memory of Raymond Belcher Beirman, who expired when an 18 ton railroad bridge fell on him, December 19, 1887." Neither Mis' Keller nor Uncle Fletcher knew who he was as the washrag was found in a streetcar in Rockford, Illinois years ago.

The mystery and enigma of Raymond "Belcher" Beirman has been solved.

Beirman was a radio engineer (active in 1939, at the least) who worked on the show. The cast and also Paul Rhymer seemed have a mutual admiration society going.  Eventually, as so many others, his name, if not his personal character, became part of the show.

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