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The 'Lum and Abner' Connection

  • Vic and Sade: In 39-12-25 Sorting Christmas Cards Whaddams S. Heemslotch sent a Christmas card to the Gooks; they think he works at plant #10 in Mena, Arkansas. Mena was the hometown of Norris Goff and Chester Lauck.
  • Vic and Sade: 37-01-01 Smelly's Bang-Up July Fourth Plans, Vic refers to Rush as "Lum."
  • Vic and Sade: 39-04-03 Rush Draws List of Acquaintances, Vic mentions the town of "Mena, Arkansas", which happens to be the home of Chester Lauck and Norris Goff, Lum and Abner.
  • Vic and Sade: 40-04-15 Milton's Dirt in Fruit Jars, Vic mentions "Norris Goff of Hope, Arkansas."
  • Vic and Sade: 41-05-02 Vic's Picture on Quarterly Cover, Sade mentions friends in "Mena, Arkansas."
  • Vic and Sade: Consolidated Kitchenware Plant #10 is located in Mena, Arkansas 39-12-25 Sorting Christmas Cards 
  • Vic and Sade: 41-03-31 Rush Wants His Interest, Vic calls Rush, "Lum."
  • Vic and Sade: 42-07-16 Gross of Gravels, Vic calls Sade, "Lum."
  • Bernardine Flynn went to college in Madison, Wisconsin with Don Ameche.  They were very good friends and acted together on stage frequently... Flynn got Ameche his first radio acting job by recommending him.  I believe they first acted together as professionals on Rin Tin Tin (1931)... Ameche moved to Chicago.  He happened to live next door to Chester Lauck (Lum of Lum 'n Abner).  Ameche and Lauck became close pals and golfing buddies. Ameche's two closest pals were Flynn and Lauck.
  • Lum and Abner: In episode 380413, Lum reads a letter from a "Paula Rhymer."
  • Lum and Abner: In episode 380420, Lum mentions "Paula Rhymer" again. Lum called "her" a "smartaleck" and insinuated she was ugly.
  • Bill Idelson played on Lum and Abner in the early 1930's according to this article.
  • Clarence Hartzell played Ben Withers on Lum and Abner and Uncle Fletcher on Vic and Sade.

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  1. Freddie The LoaderNovember 9, 2014 at 7:00 PM

    An interesting indirect connection. Lum & Abner had a continuing story in the early 40's with a character named Diogenes Smith, whose greeting, instead of "Hello" & "Good-Bye", which he imposed on the other characters, was "Wonderful World!" On at least two Episodes of Fibber McGee and Molly from around the same time the Diogenes Smith stories were running, Molly used "Wonderful World" as a greeting or exclamation. Fibber also used Norris Goff & Chester Lauck as character names at least once, and made several mentions of fellow Chicago radio-ites Vic & Sade. The last connection here, important to fans of Third Lieutenant Clinton Stanley, is that Diogenes Smith was a counterfeiter!