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39-04-25 Rotten Davis Phones

Nineteen year-old Rotten Davis phones up the Gooks, brazenly calls Vic and Sade by their first names and asks if he can come over and bring a date to the house (for the second week in a row.)
Imagined photo of Rotten Davis

Rotten is a bit of a strange bird by all accounts as he wears spats, a long overcoat and hat with chicken feathers in the headband.

Although the Gooks aren't too verbally sure they want to entertain him or girlfriend again, they seem to be almost giddy when he comes over.

Perhaps it is the fact that Rotten is a suave entertainer and the Gooks need a clown.
What’s Rotten Davis’ choice venue for a cheap date?

The Gook residence.

I really like how excited and eager Rush is to have Rotten and his lady friend come over in this episode. He says it’s because he owes Rotten a lot of favors, but I think Rush also idolizes Rotten, having spoken wistfully in other episodes about how nineteen-year-old guys like Rotten don’t generally spend time with fourteen-year-old guys like himself. Many classic episodes center around Rush breathlessly telling the family all about one of Rotten’s escapades downtown. In this episode, Rush is thrilled at the chance to have Rotten in his midst again, and wants to do everything he can to make Rotten’s date a success — even if it means playing the part of the child so that Rotten and his girl can have a chance to act like adults.

Although Sade digs her heels in a little at the beginning because she’s worried about Rotten making a habit of bringing his dates to her home, she quickly warms up to the idea. Vic doesn’t seem to have any objection to it either. This is one of those happy times when the entire family is willing to go along with a scheme just because it’ll be worth a good laugh.

I have to wonder what Miss Rathburn thinks of all this and what they actually do on their date — Sade makes no mention of going to the grocery store for ice cream or other refreshments, and I get the feeling the Gooks don’t have a bottle of wine sitting around to offer guests. Most of the date, I suppose, involves Rotten attempting to impress upon Miss Rathburn how mature and grown-up he is…but it seems like that might get a little boring for her!
SEE THE SCRIPT (transcribed by Lydia Crowe)
This is one of the stranger Vic and Sade scripts in that the couple almost seem to be depending on Rotten to keep them entertained.  While they say the things you might expect from a pair of wary, imposed-upon people; they secretly seem to enjoy Rotten's company.


+ This is the first time we hear of Rotten Davis from the surviving audio..  His date is Miss Rathburn.

{{{HEAR}}} Sade imitates Rotten Davis.
Rush’s high opinion of Rotten Davis arises from several connected circumstances. First, Rotten is his good friend Rooster’s older brother – practically a man – and deigns to notice the boy. Next, Rooster’s tastes are flashy and flamboyant, as Rush’s are (or would be, if Sade’s conventional tastes in men’s furnishings didn’t override them). Finally, and perhaps most importantly, Rush is a young man striving to claim his place in the adult world. He wants to make decisions about his clothes and his company. Rotten, on the other hand, is not much older, but has achieved this autonomy, so Rush is trying to follow the path he has blazed. Education and experience may refine Rush’s tastes, but, at this point in his life, his respect for someone like himself who has succeeded as an adult is understandable. - Sarah Cole
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