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39-11-06 Charlie's Fish Snapshot


Charlie Razorscum calls up Sade and asks about a picture of a fish that he thinks he left over their house three months before.

Sade tells him to come on over and look but she sure it's not there as she has cleaned the living room many times since the day he was over.

Before he comes over, Rush finds it in a bookshelf cubbyhole. Maybe Sade is not such a great housekeeper after all?
I really don't think Sade was a bad housekeeper, but this episode shows that these folk were humans and made mistakes.


+ Barney Clutcher is mentioned for the first time. He lives in Dixon. He "lost the use of his head." Someone "hit him in the head with a banjo and left him silly," according to Sade.  (((HEAR)))

There's kind of a hidden joke in that story.  Rhymer sets it up the joke to be about Barney's head and him getting whacked with a banjo.  While you're thinking about that, there's a far more complicated story going on.

You may not immediately realize it either (took me 3 or 4 listens to catch it)  because Rhymer wisely has Vic miss the joke as well.

Oh, the joke: Barney lost a five dollar bill in Chicago's busy Union Station.  He traveled all the way home to Dixon where he realized he lost the money.  That trip alone took twelve hours.

Okay, he found his five dollars.  Yes, indeed, that's a miracle.  But Barney had to go home on the train again, which took another twelve hours.

So Mr. Clutcher, who Sade pointed out wasn't all there because of the banjo fiasco (say that 3 times fast) spent 24 hours and a two way train ticket to get $5.00.  The train ticket was probably $10-13 total and how much is 24 hours of your life worth?

The point is, Rhymer knew exactly how to set up the humor in that situation.  And I believe a lot of us were duped by Vic. 

+ Sade asks Rush if he washed his hands: {{{HEAR}}}

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