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39-11-14 Rush, House Destroyer

Rush has made a deal with J.J. Gifford, the contractor, to knock down a building by himself.

Though he won't get paid, he doesn't seem to mind as there are stories to be told and bragging to be done for a 14 year old boy destroying a whole building by himself.

As Rush says, "(There's) Not much glory in helping tear down a building."
Rush strikes an intriguing deal with a local contractor and prematurely basks in the resulting fame and glory.

Kids — even big monstrous teenage boys like Rush — have a lot of gaps to fill in regarding their perceptions of the world and their abilities. I remember when I was about 6 one summer day I attempted to dig myself a swimming pool in the garden. I managed about a 2 foot by 2 foot by 1 foot mud hole before I gave up and called it quits. Later, when I was about 11 and home alone, I somehow got it in my head that I was going to build myself a playhouse outside. My father was a machinist and had a lot of junk lying around so this seemed within the realm of possibility. One of my parents came home from work to find me dragging lumber around the yard. So, thinking back on my own childhood, I can very strongly relate to Rush’s ambitions here.

I’m wondering what kind of a wiseacre J.J. Gifford is to have struck this deal with Rush. The only thing this guy would have gotten out of this would have been to make Rush look like a dummy. Poor Rush is in for some bitter disappointment when he first goes down to the site and attempts to tear down this brick building. I’m glad we didn’t have to hear the fallout from that…I have such affection for Rush; such things go straight to my heart.

I’m noticing a trend: doesn’t it seem like Vic and Sade are both easier on Rush when it’s just one of them interacting with him at a time? It’s as if, when both parents are present, one of them has to take on the authoritative role, in order to demonstrate their parental effectiveness to the other. When it’s just Sade and Rush or Vic and Rush, the atmosphere is much more relaxed. Normally one of the two would attempt to enlighten Rush as to the craziness of this scheme…but today, Sade just goes with the flow. Obviously, Sade realizes, Rush will understand the impracticality of his ambitions the second he goes down to the warehouse and starts working…so what’s the point of working herself up?
 SEE THE SCRIPT (transcribed by Lydia Crowe)
Vic is missing in this episode and though Sade doesn't throw water on Rush's idea, one can imagine what Vic would say if he were around to hear Rush. But I'm not quite sure if he would encourage him or poo-poo the idea...


+ First mention of J.J. Gifford. He lives on the 700 block of University Street.

+ The house that Rush was to destroy is on West Mulberry Street

+ Rush imagines Sade will be able to brag about him tearing down the house at Thimble Club meetings.

+ West Monroe Street is mentioned for the first time. It's the street the house to be destroyed is on.

+ Mis' Trogle is mentioned. We find that she also lives on West Monroe Street and has baked four apple pies.

Sade imitates Mr. Buller: {{{HEAR}}}

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