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39-12 01 Vic's Christmas Card List

Sade is hounding Vic because he feels obligated to send out dozens of Christmas cards to people he works with, lodge brothers and others.

Sade is almost livid about it and can't understand why Vic must send out so many 15 cent cards all over the country.

[Apparently, this is a yearly argument the two get into.]
Sade thinks Vic’s Christmas card list is too long. Sade always thinks Vic’s Christmas card list is too long.

Ah, Christmas cards — such a joyous thing and yet such a frequent source of strife in the Gook household. We may laugh at Sade for quibbling over fifteen-cent Christmas cards. But this was the Great Depression, and just look what fifteen cents could buy. Each of those Christmas cards could be a pack of cigarettes (not that the Gooks would indulge in such a habit). A quart of milk. A pound of margarine. Three pounds of sugar or rice. Seven pounds of potatoes. Two pounds of bananas. Five pounds of onions. Why, for the $8.55 all Vic’s cards cost, you could buy a women’s coat, or a few pairs of shoes. My stars! These must be some very elaborate Christmas cards.
It’s a pretty simple concept for an episode, but Sade and Rush are wonderfully annoying in it, and the names of Vic’s correspondents are exactly what we expect from Paul Rhymer (“Greebley H. Snout” gets me laughing every time). That’s all it takes to make this an excellent one.
SEE THE SCRIPT (transcribed by Mis' Lydia Crowe)
Even though Vic states that he sends the cards out for practical reasons, Sade cannot grasp the purpose of doing such a thing.

Sade obviously doesn't understand the principal of "greasing the axles" as Rush would put it.


+ Vic sends cards to A.W. Gregg (Chief Accountant of Plant 9), Greebley H. Snout (Executive Paymaster at Plant 12), T.O. Flite, Tyson L. Greek (Exalted Big Dipper of the Jubilant Juno Chapter of the Sacred Stars of the Milky Way), J.I. Styppe (Vic joshes that he is a bank robber), Alan B. Teagle (from Minneapolis, Minnesota), W. Y. Slatch (slob/the fellow that hit Billy Patterson!/bigshot at Consolidated Kitchenware, New York office), E.A. Droop, Milford Rapp, W.Z. Lippi, F.N. Juller, Walter Stoot (last 4 all are friends of Vic from Plant 3 in Oshkosh, Wisconsin), Cully Gratch, E.M. Blurk, H.B. Slyze, Axel Fungal (last 4 are all Sky Brothers from the Soverign Saturn Chapter in Dubuque, Iowa), Sam Daniels, I.H Crank, Orville Gitch (last 3 are friends of Vic from Dixon), U.A. Crop, Joe Glink, O.Q. Fyke, Milton Ebberly (who was hit by a train) (and surprisingly, the last four names were names of those who were all friends of Sade!), Jim Emery, Will Jackson, U.U. Gasp, Chester Flike, N.N. Bess, Howard Scuffer, A.K. Leimen (7 more fellows Sade knows), Steve Pank, Y.B. Nush, Homer Inkelsby, Herman Spat, W.X. Kennedy, Norman Hourly, Sid Freek, T.T. Wopps, Ellery Snatch, Fred Barkley, A.L. Gazelle, Curtis Gouge, E.J. Plastely, Inna Stuppa, Ernest Spleg, Fish Miller, Sam Cake, R. F. Sledge, Oscar Flub, Jack Webb(!) and Wilmer I. Jish (the exalted Big Dipper of the Nonchalant Neptune Chapter of the Sacred Stars of the Milky Way in Lacross, Wisconsin.)

+ Rush counted up 57 names on Gov's Christmas card list.

+ The Butler House Hotel has a barbershop. Rush tells a story about the barber there: {{{HEAR}}}

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  1. Great blog. Very entertaining.

    A small comment - I think it's the "Jubilant Juno [not Jubilant Juneau] Chapter of the Sacred Stars of the Milky Way" because the chapters seem to be named after mythological characters or astronomical bodies (or both).

  2. Ah, thanks for the comment.

    You mean Juneau isn't a satellite of Jupiter? ;o

    I never thought about Juno... Makes a lot more sense than a SSofMW lodge in Alaska :)

    Your "corrections" are appreciated.