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40-02-27 Deep Currents of High School Life

High school is a hotbed of politics.  Wheels within wheels.  Crossed wires.  High school is a seething river of emotions.  - Leland Richards
Sade has some gossip: She found out from Mis' Call that Mr. Chinbunny got bawled-out for letting the newspaper print his picture and was severely criticized by the Board of Education.

This is not news to Rush, who knows all kinds of gossip about the goings on at his school and proceeds to tell it all during this episode.

Sade is most interested.
Rush enlightens Sade and Vic about the “labyrinthine complexities” of daily life at a public high school.

As a public school teacher, I hold this episode close to my heart. Our days in public school are, with some exceptions, the only time that most of us are packed into a small, confined space with other people from every walk of life, every economic bracket, every race, and every creed (at least every one represented in our district). Bound to be wheels within wheels. Bound to be crossed wires. “A seething river of human emotion” is about the best concise description I’ve ever heard of a public school, and I use it often.

It’s not surprising that Sade’s mental image of school is so wildly different from reality, as it’s been a while since she’s been there. She never graduated high school, and we’re not sure how far she got. Maybe this chat will enlighten her about why it is Rush has such a hard time concentrating on his studies to the degree she desires…
SEE THE SCRIPT (transcribed by Lydia Crowe)
Both Sade and Rush love gossip. It's in their nature.  While Sade does it more often, the stuff we hear from Rush in this episode is just as juicy as what Sade usually emits, perhaps only because Sade gives him a chance to talk.


+ The Board of Education had previously fired Miss Adams for wearing too much jewelry.  She became really blatant about it right before she got married.  She married T.J. Unkers and they live at 719 N. Willoughby Street.  This is the first time either has been mentioned.

+ Edwin Stovely was mentioned.  He got caught hiding butter patties (stealing) in his mashed potatoes; he came clean about previous thefts and paid up $1.75 and promised to "turn over a new leaf."

+ Sade claims Fred Stembottom steals olives from the cafeteria (hiding them in his mashed potatoes) and Ruthie is afraid he'll get caught.

+ The manual training teacher from high school, Mr. Fletcher, is mentioned.  His wife beats him with a vacuum sweeper.

Rush tells a story about a butter patty thief at school (edited): {{{HEAR}}}

Download the complete commercial-free, sound-improved episode!

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