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40-03-25 Smelly Clark's Big Date


Rush relays the story (without interruption!) of Smelly Clark's date with young Lillie Speigel and how he parades around the Bijou showing off.
Smelly Clark goes on a date with a girl; Rush gives his folks the play-by-play.

Rush is allowed to tell this story with absolutely no interruption, since Sade is such a connoisseur of gossip, and an uninterrupted Rush story is always a joy to hear. He has Vic and Sade in the palm of his hand as he describes Smelly Clark’s endearingly outrageous behavior on his first date. It’s a delight to imagine this kid, probably scrawny and overdressed, acting like a dashing man about town. I wonder if he’ll get a second date with Lily. After that running commentary he gave on the movie, I’m guessing probably not.

In a previous episode, [six days earlier -JIMBO] Rush was reading a Third Lieutenant Stanley novel in which the Lieutenant is free and easy with his money, lavishing ridiculous gifts on his lady friend, the Countess (hey! What happened to Lady Margaret?), even going so far as to throw a quarter in the river, “just to show he don’t give a darn.” Smelly must have read this latest volume too, as he seems to be emulating his hero, albeit with much smaller gestures, proportional to his means.
SEE THE SCRIPT (transcribed by Lydia Crowe)


+ At the beginning of the episode, Sade speaks of a broken clock in the house; Vic wants to fix it but Sade won't allow him to.

+ Rush went to the Bijou with Rooster Davis and saw a Gloria Golden film, but no title or description is given.

+ Smelly threw away three perfectly good sticks of gum in order to impress Lillie.

Some things Smelly said aloud throughout the movie: {{{HEAR}}}

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