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40-04-04 Rush Must Make a Call on a Girl

Rush is going to go over to Anabel Hemstreet's house to help her with her algebra.  His friends are all ribbing him about this, since his friends are at that age when this sort of thing happens -- even though Rush doesn't really seem that interested in Anabel.

Recall though, she did go on and on about his good looks a few episodes back... Also recall that just three episodes back, Rush ended the episode by saying he was gonna find himself a girl.

The kicker is, Sade has promised a bucket of candy to Harold Skimple, a kid who lives 'right on the way' to Anabel's house.  Rush wants no part in the candy because his friends will think he's taking the candy to Anabel.

To top it off, Sade and Vic decide they will go to the Trogels to play cards; Rush thinks his chums will discern that Rush's parents are going "on the date" with Rush!
Rush is on his way to Anabel Hemstreet’s house to assist her with algebra study. Of course, his friends are not going to let this go easily. 

Rush and Anabel have an interesting relationship. Anabel doesn’t think Rush is so terrible-lookin’, remember, and Rush works pretty hard to make sure that the whole world knows that Anabel has said this. Later on, in the episode Freedom — Last Day of School, Sade informs Rush that there’s a girl on the phone for him. Rush, with a pleased air, says “Well, well, well…Anabel Hemstreet!” and then seems disappointed when it’s only Eunice Raypole. Still, Rush claims not to be interested in her. I’m pretty sure that he is, but finds it hard to admit this to himself. After all, in his circle of acquaintances, people don’t have girls. 

Poor Rush gets an awful burden sprung on him with this telltale bucket of candy, but he’s obviously so distressed that he’s not thinking straight. PUT THE BUCKET OF CANDY IN A BAG, MAN. Problem solved.
SEE THE SCRIPT (transcribed by Lydia Crowe)
I used to hate it when at age 12 and I was interested in girls. My older brother would razz and embarrass me. I even socked him in the face once. I'm sure Rush did his share of socking his friends as well after this episode.


+ Sade mentions going to the Bijou to see the picture show but Vic calls Gloria Golden a "fathead."

+ Mis' Harris told Sade that her roomer, Mr. Sludge (whom Vic called a "slob") came home crying after seeing the new Gloria Golden picture.

+ Anabel lives on West Jefferson Street.

+ Almost every 'regular friend' that Rush has was mentioned as waiting for him on the curb: Leland Richards, Smelly Clark, Blue Tooth Johnson, Milton Welch, Heinie Call, Willis Rohrback, Rooster Davis, Leroy Snow and even Nicer Scott.

Vic mocks men who cry: {{{HEAR}}}

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