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40-04-10 Nicer to Sleep Over for Two Weeks


It's April but Nicer Scott has told Rush that his traveling salesman uncle will be in town in August for two whole weeks. Nicer (who somewhere in the lost episodes is now Rush's enemy) makes it plain to Rush that he plans on taking over Rush's bed and bedroom.

Even though the visit is months away, Rush is already brooding about it. For one thing, Nicer is bigger and older than Rush and can easily bully him around and for another, who wants to give up their bedroom to an enemy? To top if off, Rush knows his mother will give in to Mis' Scott's request of letting Nicer sleep over.

By some miracle, Nicer's uncle shows up this same day in April rather than August and it isn't long before Mis' Scott calls and makes a prophet out of Rush.
Utter disaster strikes Rush Gook…or is scheduled to strike, the last two weeks in August.

Nicer really is a little menace. To take such joy in inflicting yourself upon somebody who openly despises you, to take advantage of the unwritten laws of good neighborly hospitality, is truly rotten. The kid ain’t right. We know that Mis’ Scott isn’t a terribly pleasant person to be around, either. But do you think Sade would ever, for a moment, let her think that Nicer sleeping over at their house was the tiniest bit of an imposition? Never! And thus Midwestern Niceness claims another victim on peaceful Virginia Avenue.
 SEE THE SCRIPT (transcribed by Lydia Crowe)
Despite the fact that she caves in and Nicer will be allowed to sleep over, Sade is just doing the neighborly thing. You can't really fault her for being kind. She may talk about people behind their backs but she is nice to most everyone to their face.

Who hasn't had to give their bedrooms to people they didn't know or people they didn't like? I certainly was put into that same situation when I was a kid many times.

What luck for Rush though that the uncle of Nicer Scott just happens to drop in this day...


+ Rush called Nicer a "reptile" 3 different times in this episode.

+ Vic was playing indoor horseshoes at Ike Kneesuffer's before he came home. He won 5 games. He took on Ike, Charlie Razorscum, Steve Chestbutter and Mr. Spence. This is the first time Mr. Spence has been mentioned. He is a roomer at Mis' Harris' house.

+ Sade asks to play rummy 3 different times.

+ We may never know what caused Nicer and Rush to become enemies...

Rush knows what Sade will say...(edited): {{{HEAR}}}

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