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40-04-17 Vic's Heart-shaped Face

Sade pays a visit to Mis' Scott (she was returning a borrowed tea cup) when she tells her that Pauline Delacey said that Vic has a heart-shaped face.

Vic says he's never even laid eyes on Mis' Delacey but Sade begins to act jealous anyway.
Vic receives a compliment about his heart-shaped face; Sade is suspicious.

Well, fake-suspicious, anyway. I think that although there may be a grain of sincerity behind Sade’s attitude, mostly she just enjoys winding Vic up about this kind of thing. The more Vic tries to wriggle out of trouble by explaining the situation, the more Sade makes fun of him for going on and on about his heart-shaped face. Every time he tries to change the subject, Sade gently needles him about it again. Poor Vic just can’t get a break — but I think he comes up with the perfect form of revenge at the end of the episode.

The entire concept of this episode is funny. The idea of a “heart-shaped face,” at least when applied to a man, brings to my mind the image of someone with a really pointy chin, a big broad forehead, and a very high widow’s peak — not exactly the ideal in masculine good looks. But it’s apparently a handsome compliment in the Vic-and-Sade-iverse. 
SEE THE SCRIPT (transcribed by Lydia Crowe)
Is she really jealous or is she just poking fun at Vic?   It seems inevitable that it's the latter, but you sure can't tell from Sade's voice.  She seems to be really jealous.  Ish!


+ Pauline Delacey is mentioned for the first time in the surviving audio - however, it is to be noted that in episode 40-02-14 Pauline DeLacey Offers Vic a Ride  (an episode where no notes exist and all we have is a title) it appears as though the two had met previously, if only briefly.  The title says, "offers" - so we can assume that Vic did not accept the ride.  He probably didn't even realize who she was.  He was probably completely ignorant of the whole thing.  However, Sade seems to know quite a bit about what is going on.

Pauline lives on Kelsey Street and works at the candy factory (which probably makes Whiz candy bars.)

+ Ruthie calls and they set up a game of "500."

+ Rush reads from a Third Lieutenant Stanley novel, but we never hear the title.

Rush: not busted: {{{HEAR}}}

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  1. This is one of the few episodes where Vic really puts his foot down and abruptly puts an end to Sade's over the top nonsense that she carries too far. And what I really like is that he does it by not stalking out of the house over to Ike Kneesuffer's, or going upstairs. In most episodes, Vic tolerates Sade's foolishness up to a point, but then he just leaves the room, no doubt leaving her thinking that she still got the better of him. This time he actually tells her that she's just trying to make something out of nothing.