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40-06-19 Vic's Wide Brimmed Hat

Vic is in possession of a brand new, wide-brimmed $8.00 hat.  He claims that Kleeburger's gave it to him for finally paying up his $2.00 bill.

Sade suspects from the beginning that Vic actually bought the hat himself and involved Rush in his shenanigans.

After a while, Sade has the whole thing figured out; Vic had purchased the hat the day before when he paid his outstanding bill; then Vic had the clerk give the hat to Rush as he walked by this day (Rush was used a  pawn.)
Vic receives a wide-brimmed hat as a gift from a grateful business owner, or so he claims…

I don’t fully understand what Sade has against her husband looking like a peeled onion. A lot of what drives Sade is incomprehensible to me. My theory, though, is that it all boils down to the small-town social hierarchy. This is all pre women’s-lib, and as hard-nosed, independent, and domineering as Sade may seem sometimes, her position in the community is still inextricably linked to her husband’s success, because that’s the way her society functions. While Sade has a social life of her own, much of her prestige hangs on that of Vic, who wears a clean white shirt to work every day and has his letters typed up by a regular stenographer. If he wears something that makes him look ridiculous, it reflects badly upon her, because so much of her identity is bound up in Vic’s. So, as she sees it, it’s in her (and Vic’s) best interests to make sure he doesn’t go and do anything that makes him look silly or eccentric. She thinks she’s doing him a favor. 

Even though Sade really has no business dictating to Vic how he dresses, I can’t help but admire the way she has Vic’s scheme sussed out from the very beginning of this episode. I laugh every time at the simple, acidic way she observes, “Lotsa clippins…” as he reads her newspaper clippings about the popularity of broad-brimmed hats. She’s got him right where she wants him and although he’s probably dimly aware of it, he keeps blundering on in the hope that his scheme will eventually work on her. Poor Vic.
Even though Vic is guilty of the "crime" that Sade suspects him of, Vic seems to have his dander up that she even suspects him in the first place!

Vic whips out articles he saved up to show Sade that wide-brimmed hats are not the horrible things she imagines them to be.  As a matter of fact, they are quite popular nationwide.

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He even has an article that says Gloria Golden admires men who wear hats with "generous brims."

Why doesn't Sade allow Vic to wear a wide-brimmed hat?  Perhaps he would look like an onion or a cowboy.  But does he ever tell her how to dress?

If you boil it down, Sade is a nag.  I sometimes feel sorry for Vic.  She nags about everything he does!  I wouldn't doubt that Vic strangled her to death in one of the dumped Proctor and Gamble episodes.


+ Sade says that wide-brimmed hats make Vic look like a "peeled onion" and a "Cowboy from the Wild-West show."

Sade's being a nosy nag... {{{HEAR}}}

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