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40-09-xx Mr. Sludge Grows a Mustache

Mr. Sludge has been up all night with a toothache and his landlord, Mis’ Harris is cleaning the house; therefore Mr. Sludge is having a nice afternoon nap on the Gook sofa.

Vic and Rush are in high spirits and Rush draws a mustache on poor Mr. Sludge. Can he do it without being reprimanded by Sade? Can he blame Vic and vice-versa?
Up to no good...
Mr. Sludge is sleeping on the Gooks’ davenport. This brings out an impish streak in Vic and Rush.

All “Vic and Sade” is at least a little funny because it’s “Vic and Sade,” but this one is straight comedy. It’s carefully-constructed and well-timed with lots of jokes, and I think it’s one of the funniest episodes in the whole series. You can tell that Vic is in a mood to cause some mischief from the moment he walks in the door. Rush gamely follows his lead, and it keeps escalating toward the inevitable finish. All I can say is Mr. Sludge must be one heavy sleeper.

I would like to note that it appears from the opening lines of this episode that Leland Richards is courting Anabel Hemstreet now. Rush seems fine with that, in spite of the fact that they have a bit of a history. I guess they were just friends all this time after all. That, or Anabel decided to give up on Rush when he couldn’t pick up any of the hint anvils she was dropping.
SEE THE SCRIPT (transcribed by Lydia Crowe)
This is a terrific episode with excellent sound quality. Mr. Sludge seems to be the boy's favorite patsy. Rush doesn't even really need to be prodded very hard to do the dirty deed.

My favorite parts of the episode is hearing Vic and Rush talk at the same time to Sade.

Hear 'Shambles Constant' talk about this episode:  (((hear)))


+ Rush refers to Leland Richards as being "kind-hearted."

+ Vic does an imitation of Uncle Fletcher before we ever get a chance to hear the real Uncle Fletcher! While Vic doesn’t sound like Fletcher, he does say the same things Uncle Fletcher would say: {{{HEAR}}}

+ Rush almost got in a fight with Nicer Scott at school as Nicer stepped on Rush’s heel while he was using the water fountain.

+ Rush has to bring his copy of “Lady of the Lake” to school.

+ Rush’s Physiology teacher at school is Mis’ Shay.

+ Rush learned the following things about sleeping persons in physiology (edited): {{{HEAR}}}

+ Rush refers to Vic as being a "punk ventriloquist."

+ Totally busted - yet innocent (edited): (((HEAR)))

+ Vic describes Mr. Sludge sleeping: (((HEAR)))

Hear the Vic and Sadecast about this episode
Download the complete commercial-free, sound-improved episode!

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  1. I've listened to this episode over and over again. It is the funniest, best written episode of the series that we can hear. From the beginning to the end, every line is priceless.