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40-11-19 Brick Mush Man Caught in Revolving Door

Rush: Well... ay, oh, yick, eee, ur, ih, ur, ih, snort, yeee, urrrr!

Rush comes home with big news. An untied shoestring leads to the Brick Mush Man getting his head caught in Yamilton's revolving door! He is in the hospital three days with a deep scalp wound!

Stuck right in the middle of this exciting story, Sade tries to interest Vic and Rush in a post card from her sister, Bess. {{{HEAR}}}
The Brick Mush Man has suffered a freak revolving door injury and is in the hospital.

I always thought that this was one of the most ridiculous episodes of them all, but would you believe that revolving door injuries are actually a serious issue? In fact…
In March of this year (2014), Edinburgh College’s revolving doors came under scrutiny when students declined to use them because they felt unsafe. One student at the college endured broken bones when her face and arm were caught in the manually revolving door.
Someone actually went to work and DID get her face caught in a revolving door! Life imitates art again. I imagine this is why you don’t see so many revolving doors anymore. The things are a menace.
SEE THE SCRIPT (transcribed by Lydia Crowe)
One of the most interesting episodes and quite funny.  Sade has no chance interesting the boys in Bess' boring post card.

How badly was the Brick Mush man hurt? {{{HEAR}}}


+ The afternoon meat is not done (we can assume this was beef punkles.)

+ Sade refers to her sister in this episode as "Bessie."

+ P. Z. Greech was mentioned for the first time. He's from Davenport, Iowa and an acquaintance of Vic .

+ In the post card from Bess, she asks if Uncle Fletcher is settled and if he likes his new surroundings. It makes sense since Uncle Fletcher just recently moved to the town the Gooks live in.

+ Rush claims that Russell Duncan does a better imitation of a guy getting his head caught in a revolving door than he does. And that of course, sounds like this (edited): {{{HEAR}}}
Blue Tooth is crazy! {{{HEAR}}}

+ Rush and Blue Tooth Johnson plan on taking advantage of all the free food the Brick Mush Man will have in the hospital: {{{HEAR}}}

+ Much like head injuries, barbers and cornets, shoe strings seem to show up everywhere in the series. They were the culprit of the accident.

Hear the Vic and Sadecast about this episode

Download the complete commercial-free, sound-improved episode!


  1. I think Bess and Walter's daughter is named Euncie (nickname for Eunice).

  2. Thanks for that. In another spot, I had her as "Yuncie." Learn something every day!