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40-xx-xx Ice Cream and Salted Peanuts at Midnight

Rush gets home late at night and Vic wants to know why.  Seems that Rush and few of his friends have been invited to eat the salted nuts and ice cream that will be left over from the party at the Husher house.

The party isn't quite over, so Rush drops by the house to inform Vic (at 11:20 at night) while his friends are out in the Gook yard, skulking around.

Vic, reluctant at first, lets Rush skulk about a bit longer.  Vic will wait for Rush to get back because the faces, noses and tongues in the windows have frightened him.
A carnival atmosphere descends upon Virginia Avenue as Rush and his friends await free snacks at midnight. Vic is disturbed by the turn of events.

This is an old favorite of mine, as I love anything involving Rush’s goofy friends, and Vic’s reaction to the situation lets us see him much more jumpy and on-edge than he usually is. As in “The Davises are Asleep Upstairs,” Vic proves himself to be a little helpless against Rush and his friends when Sade is not around. He is highly flustered by all these people skulking in his yard in the darkness, but he also can’t bring himself to ruin Rush’s summer vacation fun. I doubt he believes himself capable of going up against 12 teenagers anyway.

I wonder what the scene was like at Mr. and Mis’ Husher’s when all 12 boys barged into their kitchen in the middle of the night…
 SEE THE SCRIPT (transcribed by Lydia Crowe)
Sade is not in this episode but if she would have been, she would have no doubt reminded Rush that, "Ice cream gives nightmares."

Vic and Sade do not like Rush's friends skulking around. Recall a previous episode, where Rush's friends were out in the yard late at night, spooking Vic and Sade.

What's Sade doing? {{{HEAR}}}

+ The kids skulking in the yard are: Blue Tooth Johnson, Smelly Clark, Rooster Davis, Heinie Call, Willis Rohrback, Nicer Scott, LeRoy Snow, Leland Richards, Milton Welch and two new friends to the surviving audio series: Arnold Shipley and Cracky Otto.

+ Arnold Shipley lives on East Emerson Street. Rush owes him 6 cents but Arnold would "call it even" if he could be allowed to enjoy the ice cream and salted nuts with the gang.

+ This is the first time East Emerson is mentioned. There's already been a SOUTH Emerson Street mentioned; one wonders how there could be an EAST Emerson?

+ Rush claims that Willis Rohrback always flattens his nose against windows when he looks in them. Claims that it gives a "pleasent sensation." Rush also claims that Leland Richards presses his tongue against windows.

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