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41-04-23 Sleep Tight, Mr. Donahue


In order to get some sleep, Mr. Donahue (who just got back from Chicago) decides to sleep in the back of a friend's car. The car is being driven to Chicago and back in about 7 hours. When Donahue gets back home, he had to go back to Chicago on the train.
An episode where not a lot is going on other than Vic and Rush watching Mr. Donahue leave for Chicago in his pajamas.  A funny premise, very Paul Rhymer-like but bereft of funny lines.


+ The man who owns the car is Erkhardt. He is the brother of Mis' Scott. His car has a bed in the back. Ekrhardt and Mr. Donahue are good friends.

+ This is the first episode in which Vernon Peggles was mentioned. He is a smart boy with an adenoid problem. He found a train ticket from Phelps City, Oklahoma to Rutherford, Nebraska. According to Vic, it's worth about $50.00.

When Vic and Rush are looking out the window to see Mr. Donahue get into the back of the car in his pajamas, there's a lot of waving at the folks outside (EDITED): {{{HEAR}}}

Download the complete commercial-free, sound-improved episode!

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