41-11-04 Send the Slippers Back


Robert and Laurastine send Sade a Christmas present of a pair of easy slippers. They don't fit and a chain that holds the shoes together is far too short.

Sade implores Vic to write them and let them know the problems with the shoes. Of course, this is something he doesn't want to do...
This appears to be a reworking of the 41-10-08 Sade's Surprise Christmas Gift script, with a few notable changes. The secret present there was washrags, while the item in question here is easy slippers.


+ Robert and his wife Laurastine were mentioned for the first time. They live in Cairo, Illinois. Sade says they will probably be coming by for a visit after Christmas. It's never said if they are family or friends. From the way Vic reacts, it would seem that if they are family - as if they are his in-laws.

+ Sade believes that Robert made the easy slippers by hand. The shoes are decorated with a baby chick breaking out of an egg and also an Indian smoking the pipe of peace.

The shoes, oddly, have a chain connecting them, so they don't become lost/separated. Sade mentions that the chain is about 1/3rd the length that it should be. Rush, who tried them on, mentions how uncomfortable the shoes are. The shoes are also way too large for Sade.

+ Listen to Rush get carried away in the things that he thinks should be included in the letter Vic send to Laurastine: {{{HEAR}}}

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