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42-02-13 Prize Clock


Mis' Rogers has won a clock in a giveaway and Rush has agreed to carry the clock over to her house for 25 cents.

But before he can go, Vic sees the clock and immediately begins fiddling with it and notices a bunch of things that need "fixing."

Rush is forced to tell on Vic so that Sade can control the situation as Vic is like a child around candy when it comes to clocks.
A very fine episode is all aspects - except the sound is bad at the beginning and gets progressively worse.

This episode has all the elements of a classic. Near the end, Rush is yelling for his mother as if he were six years old... classic comedy at it's best. I only hope you can understand the words as the sound is THAT bad.


+ This is the first time Mis' Rogers has been mentioned. She lives at 712 and a half West Locust Street. This is also the first time Locust Street has been mentioned.

+ Mis' Trogle probably has a daughter or perhaps a sister named Margaret.

+ The grocery boy is named, "Clarence" but Rush says everyone calls him, "Flea Bite."

+ Smelly Clark's real first name is "Albert."

+ Vic refers to Mis' Rogers as a 'widow' seven different times in this episode despite both Sade and Rush telling him each time that she is not a widow.

Download the complete commercial-free, sound-improved episode!

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