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42-11-20 Smelly Cuts Rush's Hair


Rush foolishly lets Smelly Clark cut his hair, since he has a job at a babrber shop and tries to find someone to make it even.
Rush seems pretty diplomatic about the whole episode. I'm surprised he didn't want to paste one on Smelly across the snoot.


+ When Rush called the Tisdel house, Mildred was taking a music lesson.

+ Smelly Clark works every weekend at his uncle's barbershop in Towanda. (Add another barber to the many barbers mentioned on the show.)

+ Rush says he generally patronizes the Butler House Hotel barbershop. Vic does also. Rush did not mention which particular barber there was his.

+ Smelly attempted to give Rush the "Feather Flow Sheik Dip" haircut, which is modeled after the 1942 airplanes!

+ Vic tries to quote P.T. Barnum ('There's one born every minute') but attributes the quote to Thomas Edison.

Download the complete commercial-free, sound-improved episode!

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