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43-01-07 Fred Might Join Lodge


Fred Stembottom has some extra money (from working all that overtime at the foundry) and time to kill and inquires about joining the lodge. However, Fred is not taking the lodge very seriously and this understandably upsets Vic.
Very similar to the episode 41-02-11 Fred Considering Joining Lodge; this one has the added complexity of Uncle Fletcher, who hardly gets a word in edge-wise!

This is the last episode that just contain the 4 speaking characters. The series is about add others and if you haven't heard others interacting with the Gooks, you're liable to be shocked for a while.


+ Fred referred to the lodge as a "club." He also claimed he wouldn't wear "a funny suit." Said he "didn't want to bother with robes and ceremonies."

+ Uncle Fletcher is interrupted 15 times in this episode.

+ Kelly Morse runs a gas station in town and is a friend of Uncle Fletcher.

+ Uncle Fletcher tells the story of Ernie Sockers from Belvidere, who was accused of marrying a woman 35 years old but she was actually 46 years old and her name was Della Hoshgow. Ernie invented a formula that would darken the hands and feet.

+ Uncle Fletcher tells the story of Sam McWashjag, who claimed he could play the cornet from the wrong end. Uncle Fletcher says he never saw him do it though.

+ Vic reveals his application to the Sacred Stars of the Milky Way was turned down 3 times before he was accepted.

Download the complete commercial-free, sound-improved episode!

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