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43-03-31 Brainfeeble's Housewarming

Chuck and Dottie Brainfeeble have finally settled in next door to the Gooks and are planning a huge, first-class housewarming party.
The housewarming party is eerily similar to the party Rush wanted to be in charge of in March of 1938.

In this episode though, Sade takes on the persona of Rush. As a matter of fact, she does such a good job of "being" Rush that you feel like it's it's 1938 all over again (and not in a bad or repetitious way.)

Vic even tries to quote Rush but his words are trampled on by Sade... {{{HEAR}}}

This is a fine episode, especially since we've had to deal with some really bad episodes the last few. Rush is sorely-missed and this episode seems to be a Paul Rhymer homage to him.

There are some overlapping characteristics of the housewarming party and the Gook party of 1938: most notably, the detective that Chuck wants to hire. Rush had wanted to hire a policeman for the same purpose.

This episode is ripe with details for our collection of trivia and is probably a top 50 episode. It also seems to be an episode that lets us know that Rhymer, despite the setbacks from the loss of cast members, will become more creative and not push the obnoxious Brainfeebles down the throat of his audience anymore.


+ The housewarming party is to include 60 people!

+ Although we've had clues, this is the first episode (#183 of the survivors) that we actually find out where Ike Kneesuffer lives. He lives behind the Gooks on University Street. Also the Thomas Haran's were mentioned as living on Oak Street (Uncle Fletcher recently mentioned a Harry Bubeck who changed his name to Tommy Haran and moved to Detroit; these obviously aren't the same people but it's again *probably* a part of Paul Rhymer using the name of a friend in the script.)

+ Booker Lincoln McKinley was mentioned. He's the shoe shine man at the Butler House Hotel's barbershop. He is to wear a white coat and serve salted peanuts on a tray at the Brainfeeble housewarming party.

+ Hank Gutstop is going to sing two songs at the party as well (Would That These Pale Hands Crysanthemums Might Gather and Throw Me Over the Grape Arbor a Single Red, Red Rose My Love.) Sade noted that he's not a guest, he's strictly an entertainer who will be paid for the songs then sent "out the back door." He'll be accompanied on the cornet by Alf Musherton.

+ There's a good chance that Uncle Fletcher will act as a butler at the party.

+ Chuck wants to hire a detective (who'll wear a fake mustache that keeps falling off so that the guests know he is a detective) to make sure jewlery isn't stolen. Dottie is not keen on the idea. Sade knows it won't be Gumshoe Gussett that they hire.

+ Blue Tooth Johnson will also be hired for fifty cents to run errands.

+ Mis' Hunkerman and her daughter Jeanette are going to be in charge of refreshments.  They live on Locust Street.

+ Rhymer has the Gooks clevely avoid using the expression, "Penny pincher": {{{HEAR}}}

Download the complete commercial-free, sound-improved episode!


  1. Loved this episode. The comparrison to Rush's party certainly wasn't lost on me. Two things about Rush's party is that he also wanted to hire doctors and nurses in case of medical emergencies, and he planned on making a prank phone call to the fire department for entertainment. Although Rush wasn't as sophistocated as to hire singers, or servans like this adult party proposed. In Sade's excitement, I can see that she is over her explosion over her noisy house guests in the earlier episode.

  2. Don't forget the tattoo artist!

    Not exactly the same for sure but the same premise applies to both.

    Thanks for the comment.