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43-07-12 Gumpox's Lodge Regalia


Mr. Gumpox is innocently proceeding through his garbage route wearing an old lodge robe and plumme' hat that was given to him by Ike Kneesuffer. This enrages Vic, who plans on stopping Gumpox, make him remove the regalia and ceremoniously bury a fish, per Volume 7 of the Lodge Library.


+ Vic is so upset, he comes in the front door. We know that coming in the front door is something Sade does not allow. The blinding rage also makes him say, "Gumbage man Garpox."

+ "Sarah" is the name Vic uses for Sade 11 different times in this episode.

+ Sade relays two previous instances where lodge regalia was worn inappropriately: Vic had asked Sade to "destroy" an old plumme' lodge hat, which she simply took and put in the trash. Mr. Gumpox retrieved it and put it on Howard as a sun hat; Hank Gutstop once wore full lodge regalia when he worked as the official greeter at the Butler House Hotel.

+ Ruthie Stembottom was once so taken with the design of Vic's Exhalted Big Dipper robe that she had patterned a dress out of it but Vic intervened to squash those plans.

+ Russell mentions a friend he played baseball with at Tatman's vacant lot, Raymond Surrells, who noticed Russell had bloodied himself sliding into second base.

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