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44-02-04 Sleepers Beware - Russell


Vic and Russell draw a mustache on Mr. Sludge, who is sleeping on the Gook davenport.

Almost a word-for-word remake of 40-09-xx Mr. Sludge Grows A Mustache; some of the names have been changed but more or less exactly the same script.
This one is not even close to being as good as it's predecessor. The difference between Rush and Russell shows up here very clearly.

If you take Vic and Sade literally (and here at The Crazy World of Vic and Sade please know that I do), then you can take the imagined world and throw it out the window. This is an episode I'd like to ignore but for the purposes of this website I cannot.


Some of the differences between the two episodes:

first episode: Rush says Leland Richards is kind-hearted.
this episode: Russell says Blue Tooth Johnson is big-hearted.

first episode: Vic does an imitation of Uncle Fletcher
this episode: no imitation
Happy Hooligan

first episode: Rush’s physiology teacher at school is Mis’ Shay.
this episode: Russell's physiology teacher is Mis' Funnelson.

this episode: Vic says -- "How about the sweet, little newborn shoots, sleepin' just below the sod; who are waiting for February to close it's wintry doors so they can greet April with their embry fire?"
this episode: Raymond Surrells drew a picture of Happy Hooligan (a comic strip character)

Download the complete commercial-free, sound-improved episode!

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