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44-05-01 Lodge Holiday Visits


In a letter from lodge headquarters, Vic is alerted of a lodge idea that could save him money if he takes a trip somewhere; he and his family would be the guest of a lodge brother in another town.

But the hospitality is reciprocal and there's almost 50 people that Vic knows of that ar headed his way in the coming Summer. Sade tells Vic to squash any ideas of her entertaining unknown lodge brothers.
Fun episode with some really strange people making the trips with the lodge members, such as a straw boss, a dentist, a secretary, a music teacher, an errand boy, a milkman, a barber and a janitor.


+ Sade got another postal card from the Lazy Hours Pool Parlor; coupon is good for a free saucer of cole slaw with every third game played.

+ Russell got another card from his Sunday School teacher. Seems that whenever Russell (or for that matter, Rush) would act conspicuous at Sunday School, Mis' Neagle would send them an "I missed you at Sunday School last week" postal card.

+ Sade says that beef punkles take four hours to cook.

+ Charlie Razorscum is clowning around inside of his house; Russell is most amused by him.

+ One of the lodge members mentioned in Vic's letter has the first name of "Rose."

+ The list of all the out of town lodge members is listed in the Sacred Stars of the Milky Way section of the blog.

Download the complete commercial-free, sound-improved episode!

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