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44-06-22 Gaggle of June Christmas Card Sellers

It's June and Sade is besieged by a bevy of people trying to sell her Christmas cards.

She comes up with the perfect solution to it all. She goes and gets her own set printed and will offer to sell those to her hounders!

SCRIPT (page 1) (page 2)

 It's June - so you know what that's time for in the world of Vic and Sade!

*Great* ending in this one - one of the best.


+ Russell is writing Blue Tooth Johnson an insulting letter - for amusement.

+ Mis' Freely is mentioned for the first time. She is selling Christmas cards and Sade went shopping to avoid having to deal with her. However, she has added enticement when you buy cards from her: a free cup and saucer.

+ Sade's sister Bess Helfer is selling Christmas cards for her church again.

+ Mr. Erickson, Mis' Elders and Mis' Harris are all selling cards. Mis' Harris' enticement is your choice of a free lemonade stirrer or a map of Montana with each two dozen cards ordered.

+ The girls in Russell's Sunday School class made their own Christmas cards and are selling them.

+ Sade suspected Hank Gutstop of selling cards but we find out from Vic that wasn't the case.

+ Miller Printing Company is mentioned for the first time.

+ The original ending had the organist playing "Jingle Bells" (this is a June episode.).

Download the complete commercial-free, sound-improved episode!

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