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44-07-13 Uncle Fletcher Miffed with Sade


Sade had a bit of a run-in with Uncle Fletcher. He was being pouty and maudlin about his landlady, Mis' Keller who is possibly getting married and moving to Yellow Jump, North Dakota. He had come around to speak to Sade about it, but again, she was busy and after he went on and on, she had put him in his place.

So Uncle Fletcher comes back over to the house and Vic and Russell are home now too. He asks to borrow Vic's atlas and looks up a dozen or more places and the shortest routes to them. Sade sees this as Uncle Fletcher trying to worry her that he may move away, and she supposes he thinks this might frighten her.

However, if you know anything about the show at all, you know that Rule #1 is that you can't fool Sade because she knows exactly what's going on in the other character's heads. Her uncle still makes it known how displeased he is at her by mostly ignoring her and treating her coldly.
In this current run (July-ish of 1944) we have the opportunity to hear the show almost daily as it happened for almost a month. We have rarely seen Uncle Fletcher act coldly, but this episode shows us that he can be quite sensitive and have his feelings hurt and like Vic, acts a bit like a child when things do not go his way.


+ While doing the dishes, Russell dropped and broke a fancy gravy boat that was given to Sade by her sister Bess. We do not hear Sade chastising him like she did multiple times to Rush, when he broke her precious, antique pickle and olive shoe.

+ Uncle Fletcher adds "honey" when he addresses Vic and Russell in this episode (ie. "Russell honey") but when addressing Sade - which is minimal - he simply calls her by her name.

Vic and Sade writer Paul Rhymer shows that he could write punny jokes like Fibber McGee and Molly's Don Quinn or the writers of Abbott and Costello's material if he wanted to, when Uncle Fletcher asks Vic for his book of maps: {{{HEAR}}}

+ Coincidentally (or not) Quinn was quoted as saying that Vic and Sade was his favorite radio show (next to Fibber McGee and Molly.)

Download the complete commercial-free, sound-improved episode!

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  1. I'm kind of a map person, so I put together the road trip Uncle Fletcher proposed in this episode. Obviously some of the places he mentions only exist in Paul Ryhmer's atlas, alas, but it is possible to get Uncle Fletcher on to his tour of the West. To keep the trip practical (not sure that's the point of his trip or not) I reorganized the order of the journey. Google says it will take over 100 hours of driving time, but very little backtracking would be involved.
    The first stop would be in Hollow (?) Missouri; then to Emporia, Kansas; Lincoln, Nebraska; Fremont, North Dakota; Cody, Wyoming; Malton, Utah; McFurkle, Oregon; Pipesock, Arizona; Snuffler, New Mexico (He'd have to stop in for a visit with me in Albuquerque); Abilene, Texas; Little Rock, Arkansas; Shank??, Louisiana, then back home to Illinois. All in all, I think it would take him at least 2 weeks to make the trip, only staying in each stop for the night.