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44-09-05 Sade's Debtors


Sade tries to figure out who owes her money and how much.  She gets Vic to help.
In another episode, Russell and Vic talk about Sade being tight-fisted. While she's not selfish, she certainly proves in this episode that she keeps track every penny owed to her.

This episode is full of interesting trivia.


+ Mr. Croucher (ie. Croucher's grocery store) is actually a butcher. Croucher's grocery is probably a butcher shop that also sells other items. 

+ The cost of a single brick of mush costs ten cents. The Brick Mush man adds three cents to each brick for "tax," yet the money goes into his pocket. The Brick Mush man is called, "shrewd" by Sade but it's pretty obvious that he's actually a crook.

+ Mis' Call is the kind of person who doesn't want anyone to owe her anything and doesn't want to owe anyone anything.

+ Mis' Donahue likes pecans on her chocolate ice cream.

+ Mis' Otto and her young son Clarence were mentioned for the first time. Clarence is obviously Cracky's younger brother.

+ Sade uses the word 'spondulicks' twice in this episode, making the 5th and 6th times in the surviving series.

+ The owner of Kleeburger's is Mr, Kleeburger and this was the first time he was mentioned by name.

+ Sade and Mis' Heddles made a bet about which side of the street a house was on. The house in question was an odd number address. Sade said she won the bet because odd numbers are always on the right (that's incorrect, they are on the left) - however, they were probably going down the street "the wrong way" meaning everything was backwards. Either way, the bet was only for a penny!

This episode confirms that Mis' Heddles is a member of the Thimble Club.

+ The Greek has a weighing machine outside his confectionery.

+ Russell wears neckties to school.

+ Sade is owed a total of $9.82 by her friends; $9 of which is owed to her by Ruthie Stembottom, who is afraid to pay up because her husband Fred will notice the large amount.

Download the complete commercial-free, sound-improved episode!

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