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44-09-07 Mysterious Box


Uncle Fletcher has picked up a wedding gift that he and Vic have combined resources to buy for Mis' Keller and her husband to-be. But Vic isn't crazy about it and when he finds out that the gift came from Pelter Unbleet, he completely nixes the whole idea.
This is an episode where things are inferred rather than spelled out. It's never said in the episode that Pelter Unbleet is the reason why Vic doesn't like the gift. Neither it is implied that the gift is ugly or gaudy - however, I certainly imagined it was while I was listening.

Sade's name was also going on the gift and we get the impression from other episodes that perhaps Sade is not thrilled with Unbleet. Did Vic actually think ahead and decide Sade would be unhappy with the gift?

Really, we don't know the answers to any of these...


+ Uncle Fletcher tells the story of George McFulfer who was shot with a revolver. He never recognized his wife Dorothy afterwards. He also had an exciting political life that semi-mirrors that of Eugene Parklow.

George's sister Grace could play the cornet backwards.  (It's safe to say writer Paul Rhymer had a thing for cornets, among other oddities.) You might recall that another of Uncle Fletcher's cronies, Sam McWashjag, could also play the cornet backwards.

+ Mis' Keller's first name is Leiota. Mr. Feedburn's first name is Harry.

+ The gift came in a mother-of-pearl box and contained an album of some sort. The album was a plush pink. Whether it was a photo album or not, we just don't know.

+ Uncle Fletcher toys with Vic about the box making the contents seem invaluable; perhaps Vic was let down when the contents were revealed, thus, he was upset. Again, this is something we just don't know.

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