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44-09-15 Sade Helps With Ring


Uncle Fletcher drops by the Gook house after getting a letter from Mr. Harry Feedburn (his landlady's fiancé.) Mr. Feedburn has asked Uncle Fletcher to pick out the wedding ring for him because the town of Yellow Jump, North Dakota, has no jewelery store.

Uncle Fletcher, already under considerable strain from several other responsibilities having to do with the wedding - and not being any kind of an expert on jewelery or taste, wants Sade's help in picking out the ring.
Fun listening for sure but an episode sadly void of memorable lines.


+ Vic begins the episode by reading a newspaper article about Curtis O'Slooner; he taught mathematics in college and is a man of high intellect. (Sade did not want to hear about him.)

+ Uncle Fletcher states that he can understand horses, tractors, peanut vending machines (he can take one apart and put them back together blindfolded) and he can shim up a railroad track and install ankle bolts and solder grips as quick as any man in the business.

+ Uncle Fletcher mentions that he has been saddled with many wedding responsibilities:

Fletcher in a Pepper and Salt suit
Hire the preacher, take the "honeymoon" for the couple to various Illinois locales, be the 'best man',  pick out the ring and he also learns that he must pick out a 'pepper and salt' suit of good quality for Mr. Feedburn.
One thing that Uncle Fletcher did not mention as a responsibility was hiring a sight-seeing guide (Rishigan Fishigan) for the honeymooning couple.

+ Uncle Fletcher shows he's either: not paying attention, is nuts, or has hearing problems when he gets it in his mind that Fred and Ruthie Stembottom are expected over at the Gook house.


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