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45-12-03 A Slow, Dull, Tiresome Evening


Sade comments that the evening is slow - but then all at once, people call and come over, making her change her mind.
Even with everything going on, there really isn't much if anything here to get a smile from.


+ Rush reads aloud from a volume of Third Lieutenant Stanley. The Third Lieutenant is attacked by counterfeiting natives and oddly, is wearing a yellow uniform.

+ Ruthie Stembottom calls and the the couples make a date to play "500."

+ While talking on the phone with Ruthie, Sade refers to Fred as "Fred" - something she hasn't done in more than a year and a half.

+ At the same time Ruthie calls, Jimmy Custard (still thinking Sade is "Mrs. Emerson") and Mr. Sprawl (Mis' Harris sent him over while she went downtown - again) come over. It must be noted than Custard came to the front down and rang the door bell and Mr. Sprawl came to the back and rang the door bell. This is the first time in "Series 2" where anyone rang the door bell.

+ Jimmy Custard has a iron-bound notebook. According to him, all City Calistoker have to have them.

+ Someone calls for Fat (Jackson) on the telephone. This running joke began with Dottie Brainfeeble and has lasted through "Series 2." The person calling for Fat mistakes Sade, this time, for "Isabelle." Sade continues to issue warnings to the caller that she will call the telephone company, but apparently, never seems to follow through with the threat.

+ The Gooks live at 414 Virginia Avenue.

+ Jimmy Custard thinks Mr. Sprawl is the son of Vic and Sade!

+ When Fred Stembottom calls up and asks what kind of ice cream he should bring, Vic and Rush say "caramel" and "tutti-fruiti." Despite being told a squillion times over the entire course of the show that Fred doesn't like either of these flavors, they persist.

+ Sweet Corn McBlock calls Vic to borrow a couple of bucks.

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1 comment:

  1. Maybe not a lot to get a smile from, but a classic episode of having a show about nothing. Or at least of how boring plans of nothing can easily be side tracked.