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46-09-19 Uncle Fletcher Farmed Out


Uncle Fletcher's landlady, Mis' Keller, plans to spend the winter in Ohio. How will Uncle Fletcher get fed? He fears she will stack up his meals in advance: one on top of the other ad infinitum.

Fletcher Rush (Clarence Hartzell)
However, that's not actually going to be the case. Mis' Keller has planned ahead and made a schedule: what will happen is that every three to four days Fletcher will go to a different neighbor's to stay and eat. First is Mis' Donahue's, then to Mis' Johnson's, etc.

But Uncle Fletcher isn't too happy about it all. He claims she has him staying with people he doesn't know and even claims that she has him taking a train out of state to eat!

Meanwhile, Mis' Kessler comes over and offers to let Uncle Fletcher spend the winter at her house and Sade counters by saying he can spend the winter with the Gooks.  This show of caring by the ladries makes Uncle Fletcher cry.
This episode aired about three weeks later than the previous surviving episode... and the two episodes are coincidentally very much related.


+ Sade mentioned a Reverend Harold Kidneyslide. He got caught between two cyclones on Sept. 19 and ended up in Tazewell County; rolled up in the shape of a hoop at 50 miles an hour and passed away.

Recall that Uncle Fletcher's friend Andreson L. McFlutcher was also killed by getting stuck between two cyclones.

+ Mis' Kessler comes to the Gook house, returning Sade's "wringer." I suspect this refers to a laundry wringer. But she never actually borrowed Sade's wringer and she didn't bring the wringer over anyway; she brought over a fly swatter!

+ Mis' Kessler also seems to be having the darndest time remembering Orville Wheeney's first name.

When inviting Fletcher to spend the whole winter at her house, she says she has a balloonascope (like a telescope), a broken cornet, a parrot and seashells (hold them up to your ears and it sounds like Lake Eerie.)

+ Mis' Keller is planning on visiting her brother in Dismal Seepage, Ohio. He has 5 girls.

Download the complete commercial-free, sound-improved episode!

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