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46-08-15 Thimble Club Emergency (AFRS)


This is the day Sade is to host the Thimble Club meeting but she's completely forgotten about it. When she realizes the ladies are on their way, she gets Rush, Uncle Fletcher, Vic, Harry Dean, Mr. Sprawl and even Mr. Ruebush (he runs the carpet sweeper) to help her clean up the house.
The sound isn't the best in this episode but it's mostly tolerable.

This is like a mish-mash of some other scripts together.  The one good thing about this episode is a couple Uncle Fletcher stories.


+ This was an Armed Forces Radio broadcast.  To my knowledge, this is the only AFRS broadcast made of Vic and Sade.

+ Uncle Fletcher tells the story of Owen V. Coonbreef He traveled extensively in the eastern part of North Dakota. He became an armed guard at the Ohio Home for the Obstinate but later changed positions to become an armed guard at the Missouri Home for the Agreeable. He converted all of his money into nickels and dimes to "make it convenient." He married a woman 21 years old - he was 24. Died in 1909.

+ Uncle Fletcher tells a story about Charley H. McSpillter from Belvidere. He married a woman 38 years old (he was 42.) He divided his time between Little Rock, Arkansas and Somerset, Kentucky. He sat aside every Thursday afternoon to practice on the automatic valve trombone, which he could play by ear. He could also play the violin, pipe organ, rope and steam [unintelligible] by ear. He loved cold oatmeal - preferred it to beef steak.

+ Uncle Fletcher tells another story near the end of the broadcast but it's just too muddled to make out what exactly is being said.

+ The Thimble Club meets on Thursdays.

+ Mrs. Thomas (who lives on West Chestnut Street) and Mis' Adams (of N. Stockton Blvd.) are members of the Thimble Club and were mentioned for the first time, as were their streets.

+ Mr. Sprawl, as always is obsessed with his "peanuts with the chocolate smeared on the outside" and is seeking his daughter (Mis' Harris) - something else he seems to be doing often.

+ Harry Dean comes over.  He brings homemade ice cream that his wife had made and had left over.

+ It's not known who played the part of Mr. Ruebush. 

Download the complete commercial-free, sound-improved episode!

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