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32-07-14 Vic and Sade Wait For the Boy To Arrive

  • Vic and Sade are on the porch. Mary and the boy were supposed to arrive two hours earlier.  (Andy Sampson walks past.)
  • Vic admits he's excited – couldn't concentrate on his work at the plant.  The boy's coming from 400 miles away.  (Grace and George Peterson and Mr. & Mrs. Vance walk by.)
  • Sade: "Well, Mis' Hess told me that Mrs. Vallenga told Mrs. James that this Mrs. Vance told Mrs. Wheaton that she… that she thought I was a gossip and talked behind her back."  They begin to wonder if Mary changed her mind about giving up her son.  Vic figures they'd have wired if that were the case.
  • They've painstakingly prepared the boy's room, including Vic's old Harry Shootstraight books.  And Sade put Uncle Huber's piss-pot in the room because it's so far to the bathroom. ["Piss-pot" was the term in Barbara Schwarz's original notes.  I have no idea if these are her words or words from the script. - Jimbo] (Steve Adsit passes, as well as R. D. Foley, whose wife makes his life miserable so he stays out walking all the time.)
  • Vic and Sade get more downhearted as time passes, and go inside and Vic tells Sade a story he's invented to amuse the boy, and they both fall asleep in the living room.
  • Vic snores.  there's a knock on the door… and another.  A little voice says, "Hello… anybody home?  Hey, Mister, wake up! Wake up! C'mon…" - compiled by Barbara Schwarz, edited by Jimbo Mason
Announcer Bob Brown talks about the early days of the show: {{{HEAR}}}

Bill Idelson talks about the early days of the show: {{{HEAR}}}

This seems like it would be a wonderful episode. The ending is absolutely perfect and even reading the notes from the script, you can feel the anticipation building and then Vic and Sade being let down.

This still has a soap opera feel to it (at least from reading) but now Rush is on scene. It won't be long before the soap opera feel leaves and is replaced by a whole different feel (although it won't happen right away.)

What's intriguing is that the show goes from one extreme to the other - soapy scenes to absolute craziness.

[Most of the characters the Gooks encounter in this episode do not have character profiles.]

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  1. YES! Remarkable plotting shows Rhymer's full talent. Even small mentions of neighbors with their quirks reveals the future humor. If more of this script is in the Wisconsin archives, it should be put online for all to enjoy.