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32-08-05 Vic Enjoys Being With Sade

  • Sade: "Vic, how'd you like to be real young again and be over ‘cross the street havin' a good time?"   
  • Vic: "Never younger in my life than I am this minute, Sadie.  I never had a better time in my life than just sittin' here with you."- compiled by Barbara Schwarz, edited by Jimbo Mason
No longer can we complain that Vic and Sade aren't lovey-dovey toward's one another as this show apparently was about that very thing.

One of my favorite episodes of the Burns and Allen radio program is the one in which they try to teach playboy Bill Goodwin how to act like a happily married man, in order to win a choice film role. At one point, Gracie asks him how, in that character, he would tell his wife he loves her. The room is soon awash with his wave of romantic passion. As affectionate as his answer was, it reduces Gracie to a fit of giggles. She then demonstrates how a happy husband really answers that question: she opens the study door, and calls, “George? Do you love me?” George Burns answers, “Yes. Close the door.”
We laugh because it's funny — and we laugh because it's true. People who know and care about each other on their most elemental level, don't need pretty speeches to reinforce that relationship. In fact, affection can become “affection:” something affected, and therefore insincere. This is the case with Victor and Sadie. They are a “couple.” (As beautifully described by Carl Sandburg, via Norman Corwin.) They have their differences, their disagreements, and their disappointments in each other. Ultimately, though, they like to be with each other. They fit with each other. They, too, are a Couple. - SARAH COLE
[Schwarz didn't take many notes for this episode; it seems either the script wasn't very exciting or she didn't feel like messing with it.]

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