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33-10-09 Why is Rush Being So Helpful?

  • After supper Vic reads the paper and Sade darns. She's suspicious because Rush is volunteering to help around the house with various chores.
  • Vic states his suspicion of an ulterior motive in Rush's behavior. Rush denies it. Vic asks if he broke Mis' Fisher's window with his football or run over Mis' Donahue's grass with his bicycle or spilled ink on Vic's new suit.
  • Rush pleads innocent, and Vic can't get him to crack. Vic asks if Rush intends to put the touch on him for a loan or if he's starting an early campaign for Christmas presents.
  • Sade gets a call from Mis'. Duncan, who asks if Rush could help her son Eugene in math. This reminds Vic and Sade that it's report card time. Rush reluctantly produces his report card, trying to hide his marks in geography, spelling, and history. As each grade is uncovered, his parents moan in horror.- compiled by Barbara Schwarz, edited by Jimbo Mason
This plot seems familiar in the television world.  Just remember, this script is from 1933 - perhaps Paul Rhymer would be the first to introduce the whole bad report card/child acting goody-goody.

This is the first time we have ever been given even a hint that Mis' Donahue doesn't like her grass trampled on.

Let it be known that despite this episode, Rush would go on to have a hard time in algebra in the future but became a whiz at geography.

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