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34-05-25 Everyone Has Troubles Today

Mis' Harris has given Sade a porch swing for the back porch, but other than that, life seems to be falling apart for the Gooks: there's dark skies an a bad storm looms;  Sade loses her wallet at Yamilton's and it has the $25 needed for the house rent in it; Rush and his friend Fat Johnson have promised a set of encyclopedias to their teacher and have no way to pay for it and finally, Vic comes home to say he is likely to lose his job due to his boss, Mr. Ruebush, changing locations.  Each of the family is dejected and dismayed.

Near the end of the episode, all the problems work themselves out and the Gooks return to happiness, wanting to swing on the new porch swing.

SCRIPT (part 1) (part 2)
Very rarely in the audio versions of Vic and Sade do we come across life's troubles.  Sure, Rush gets volunteered to be in a pageant he doesn't want to be in or his enemy Nicer Scott sleeps over making his life miserable - but we just don't peer into their lives when there is real trouble.

Losing the rent money is a disaster.  While we can assume Vic has money in the bank and could have covered a $25 loss, imagine today, losing a month's rent.  That could be like $400-$1000 or so by today's standards.

The growing pains of the show remain but it will change shortly. Other than partly focusing on the troubles of the family, writer Paul Rhymer still seems to have not picked up on what would become one of the strengths of the show, deep peripheral character development.

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  1. This seems like one of the best episodes. As written by others, plans (schemes often!) fall apart. Here Rhymer brings joy from possible disaster. In 1934 the Depression seemed without end and jobs and money were precious, even if folks tried to have happy hearts. This script shines!