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35-05-08 Graduation Gift Hustler

Rush (the 8th grader) is about to graduate from Edwards school.  Packages for Rush have arrived from Uncle Hadley Norton and Walter Helfer's cousin, Hartman Whine.  This comes as no surprise to Rush.  He had written to long-unheard-from relatives and acquaintance – not asking for gifts, but mentioning his impending graduation from Edwards School.

Rush is disgusted by Hartman Whine's gift, a book called "Little Dinky Doodles Blowing Bubbles By the Brook". Rush speculates when he graduates from high school Hartman will likely send him a bib.

SCRIPT (part 1) (part 2)

You may remember a similar plot - 39-11-21 Smelly Clark Solicits Gifts.

We may have our very first "head injury" in the series to note   The story has overtones of the kind of stories Uncle Fletcher would tell in future shows:
Vic: "Hartman Whine once put his head in a vise to see if he couldn't change the shape of his head so he could wear a street-car conductor's cap he found…"
Rush has also written to Sade's cousin Carroll Skinner in Freeport and to Vic's Uncle Clybert Teefie and to Mr. Hudson in Fort Wayne, Indiana, who's "a relative of the lady who used to be married to Uncle Will before he married Aunt Margaret", and to Mr. Harper in Dixon, who is a neighbor of Uncle Fletcher.

More packages arrive.  Uncle Clybert has sent a top.  Cousin Carroll has sent a box of cigars.

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