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35-06-04 Graduation Day

  • After Edwards School graduation ceremonies, Rush arrives home in style - in a taxi-cab, which cost thirty cents.
  • Ruthie Stembottom calls to wish Rush well.  
  • Vic and Sade discuss the ceremony. Rush gave his diploma to Milton Welch to have it framed. During the ceremony, Iggy had been whispering to Rush on sensational stunts they could pull. 
  • Helen Keefer got her diploma just ahead of Choke Dawson.  She cried.
  • Vic mentions Sade cried when Rush got his diploma.  Sade acknowledges she may have snuffled a little.  Rush complains about all the clapping and recalls part of the commencement speech: "He said: Us young people were like silver arrows shot from the strong bow of our lessons into the blue sky of life."
  • Sade loved every minute of the ceremony, which Vic and Rush found tiresome.  Rush to Vic: "You're not oilin' me, Gov!" (i.e., can't fool me)
  • Rush announces he's off to meet chums at The Greek's to talk things over – he says won't be home until 11:30 pm most likely and he would like to have a chat with Vic if he's still up at that hour. Vic slips him five dollars. Rush is stunned.  He kisses Sade goodnight.  "Thanks for the berries, Gov.'"
  • Vic explains to Sade: "We got no little baby around here any more, kiddo. Got a man." - compiled by Barbara Schwarz, edited by Jimbo Mason
Is Rush really growing up?  Meh.

"We got no little baby around here any more, kiddo. Got a man."  - they never had a baby there, ever.

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  1. A beautiful episode, and one that still would ring true into the 1960s, when graduation (even from 8th grade) was a big deal and Mom's in the audience ALL cried tears of joy...and relief!